Bizarro Crawls

Search engines produce some really ridiculous results. Perhaps this only happens to me, but I stumble across some good material quite by accident, yet some of the urls that pop up at the top of a search are useless.

F'rinstance, I consider Irreducible Illogic interesting, but Googling "Irreducible + Illogic" brought up The Wedge Document. Googling "irreducible complexity" brings up tons of websites – TalkOrigins comes up early and usually provides tons of information to wade through.

I have also, by searching images, often found interesting websites that did not show up early when I did a websearch for actual web content.

Sometimes, websites send me on link trails that lead to interesting places. For example Irreducible Illogic led to Behe Retreats, which led to The Great Mutator, which I had not thought to google.


Nobody Slept

Paul Scott, a mobile phone salesman from Wales, brought tears to my eyes and the audience to its feet as he sang Puccini's Nessum Dorma on "Britain's got Talent". Way to go Paul! Well worth a listen at UTube.

Ah, well!

It's a wonder that I got this blog started because blogger is prompting only in German, und ich nicht spreche Deutsche!

Why join the legions of bloggers whose posts are never read by another soul? I dunno. Something to do, I guess.

Having stumbled across a news article about the opening of the Creation Museum, I decided to see what bloggers are saying. This blogger is definitely not impressed by Ham's Negs -- he posted several critiques of creationism ranging from Pseudoscience Chicanery to YEC yack on Mimble Wimble. Let's face it, creationism, especially Young Earth Creationism is a prime example of the stupidity that is rampant in uneducated America.

Atheist Musings

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